Tucson’s Hidden Gems: Your Guide to Economic and Cultural Insights

Tucson's Hidden Gems - Your Guide to Economic and Cultural Insights
Tucson's Hidden Gems - Your Guide to Economic and Cultural Insights

Tucson is a vibrant hub of community and economic development, and whether your clients or business owners, investors are just simply curious about what makes Tucson a fantastic place to live and work, we have some resources to share with you. My name is Tom Heath, Vice President, Senior Loan Officer, and I lead the Mortgage Guidance Group here at Nova Home Loans. We’ve been doing presentations and tours about the economic and cultural and historical vibrancy of Tucson for several years and I’m always asked where I come up with all of this content. Well some of it is just walking around and talking to people and some of it comes from a few resources and I wanted to share those with you.

Rio Nuevo is a great place to get information about upcoming projects or recently completed projects in a stretch from the west side of downtown all the way out to Park Mall. And the City of Tucson has a really good economic development office that is putting out information through webinars and hosting events and has a really nice monthly newsletter with all that information packed into it. So those are two places you can definitely check for economic development.

And for the history, culture, and artistic impact, I would honestly look at my website and my podcast called Life Along the Streetcar. I’ve talked to hundreds of people making things happen in that urban stretch, what I like to call the heart and soul of Tucson from from A Mountain to the University of Arizona. For six years I’ve had the privilege of talking to people that are game changers and making a difference and those are all recorded on lifealongthestreetcar.org.

So there’s a button over my shoulder there that says let’s meet if you want to sit down and talk about how to use this information to your advantage and also if you are curious about upcoming tours or presentations we’re doing walking tours now to get more in depth with some of the neighborhoods as well as the traditional bus tours that we’ve been doing just reach us by email and let us know and we’d be glad to get you on those lists. Hope you have a great weekend and if you need anything loan related, any questions about programs or need to get someone pre -qualified, know that Trevor and I are available to help with that as well. I know Sunday’s a big game, don’t worry, phone’s on, we’ll be responding if you need us. Have a great weekend.