“Mortgages Made Easy”, but Should They Be Easy?

“Mortgages Made Easy”, but Should They Be Easy?
“Mortgages Made Easy”, but Should They Be Easy?

When I see ads for “easy mortgage” or “no hassle loans” etc, I know what that really means– easier for the lender.   I’m not saying that getting a home loan should be hard, but it’s important to explore all your options.  When you choose to bypass that process, you’re missing out on the opportunity to explore what could better suit your individual situation. Often times, the “easy” route is not the best plan for a specific situation.

I get it– we live in a digital age and people want to move at the speed of technology.  It’s important to make the process convenient, so I want to be clear that when you work with the Heath Team, you have access to:

  • Online applications and document uploading
  • Reduced document streamline approval   
  • Secure consumer portal for checking loan status and electronically signing your loan disclosures

So, yes, we make the process of the loan easier to navigate and we know that convenience is a critical component of a great transaction.   However, we still believe in:

  • Meeting face-to-face at least once during the transaction
  • Reviewing your disclosures with you to help you understand that huge stack of paper
  • Providing multiple loan options for you to explore.

This list is a little harder to accomplish.  It takes time and a commitment on our part to make sure we provide all borrowers with the information needed to make the best decisions.  It also takes a willingness from our clients to invest their time and energy into this process.   

There are multiple ways to accomplish your goals and we are responsible for providing the options and helping you choose the one which gets you where you truly want to be. The Heath Team will never take the easy way out of doing our job.