Building For The Future

Building for the Future
Building for the Future

Hi, this is Tom Heath with the Mortgage Guidance Group at Nova Home Loans and this is our weekly installment of mortgage and real estate related topics. This week, just want to talk about building for the future. We’ve come off a couple of very busy years and we’ve all seen the market change, inventory, interest rates, and the needs are there, but some of the supply is not. We’re taking this time on the team, not only to take care of our current clients and focusing on helping them get into homes, but also looking at how to build out that future pipeline and one of the things we have to do that is getting people comfortable with Tucson, as they move here from other parts of the country.

Add Speaker 2We have one of our tours, coming up this Thursday on the 21st of April and if you have not been on this before, it’s a really nice look at the downtown economic development, some of the cultural and historic items that make Tucson very special. Then we’re taking that information and building it out into a marketing platform. We’ve got some other tools that we can help you as real estate agents get into your database of your future clients as well.

Add Speaker 2If you’d like more information on the tours or if you would like to join us and if you can’t make it but would like more information on how to put this information together in your marketing, just reach out to us. Our website is You can always email, call and we’d be glad to sit down with you and help you put together that plan. If there’s any topics you’d like us to cover, don’t hesitate to reach out. Have a great week.

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