Tom Heath is Great at Home Loans. Magic? Um, Not So Much

Is Tom Heath a Great Magician? Um, Not So Much. 

Tom Heath is an expert when it comes to home loans, but is he a great magician? Um, not so much. While he has a hard time managing magic and dealing with rabbits, what he can do for you is navigate the possible difficulties of your home financing journey! The experts at The Heath Team are ready to share the magic behind home financing with their years of collective experience, giving you the ability to take on the process with ease and all of the resources needed to make it manageable!

Pulling a magic rabbit out of a hat may be unrealistic for Tom, but working with credit problems is nothing new to him! A disappearing rabbit is no comparison to how tough it can be to hear that you have credit problems while trying to buy a home. Finding the home of your dreams only to hear it may be beyond your means is a crushing problem no one should have to deal with, but our finance experts are here to help you resolve these credit issues so they won’t stop you from moving forward.

Tom may be no great magician, but he’s a reliable and experienced home loan officer that’s ready to help you tackle home financing! Whether you’re looking for a home loan solution or thinking about refinancing, he’s here to stand by your side and guide you through the process. We’re even happy to share our experience in our blogs here on our website. Check them out for some easy-access information!

Check out our other great videos for a good laugh, or contact the Heath Team today to start your own home financing journey! Our experts are happy to talk you through your options and provide ways to overcome any potential problems without causing you unneeded stress. We’re ready to share our magic– just give us a call!  

Tom Heath
Senior Loan Officer The Heath Team of NOVA® Home Loans
6893 N Oracle Rd #121
Tucson AZ 85704

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