Mommy Magic with Stacey Kelley: Mastering Work-Family Balance in Real Estate

Split-screen image depicting a female realtor in a busy office setting on the left and the same woman enjoying family time at home on the right, symbolizing work-family balance in real estate.
Mastering the Art of Work-Family Balance in Real Estate with Stacey Kelley.

In the dynamic world of real estate, achieving a work-family balance can often seem like an elusive goal. In this special episode of “Insights for Agents,” we meet Stacey Kelley—a realtor who exemplifies how to successfully merge a flourishing real estate career with the demands of motherhood. This intimate discussion with our host Tom Heath offers valuable perspectives and strategies for maintaining work-family balance in real estate, making it a must-watch for professionals navigating similar challenges.

Episode Highlights

In this episode, Stacey Kelley shares her insights and experiences, providing practical advice on managing both a career and family life:

  • Early Career Challenges: Stacey discusses the hurdles of starting in real estate during the 2008 market crash.
  • Local Expertise: Insights into how her deep roots in Tucson enhance her real estate practice.
  • Work-Life Balance: Stacey shares strategies for managing her responsibilities as a Realtor® and a mother.
  • Career Resilience: The journey back to real estate with a renewed passion after exploring other industries.

Motherhood Meets Real Estate: A Journey of Resilience

Starting her career during the tumultuous 2008 housing market crash, Stacey Kelley quickly learned the importance of resilience. Her early professional hurdles mirror the personal challenges of motherhood, providing a powerful lesson in maintaining work-family balance in the real estate industry. “It seemed like a great time, but it was obviously at the tail end, and I didn’t have great mentorship at the time,” reflects Stacey, highlighting the dual demands of her roles.

Rooted in Community: Building a Life in Tucson

As a native Tucsonan, Stacey’s deep roots and commitment to her hometown enrich her real estate practice. Her local expertise allows her to connect clients with homes that fit their lifestyle, underscoring the importance of community in achieving a work-family balance. “I have a love for Tucson; I’m born and raised here, so I really wanted to help connect people with a home,” Stacey states, emphasizing her integral role in fostering community ties.

The Delicate Dance: Balancing Real Estate and Motherhood

Achieving a balance between career ambitions and family responsibilities is central to Stacey’s success. She shares insights into how she manages these dual responsibilities, providing a blueprint for maintaining work-family balance in real estate. “Becoming a mother has been quite humbling…we’re also trying to be fully present as parents,” Stacey reveals, offering valuable strategies for real estate professionals.

Reconnecting: A Return to Real Estate with Renewed Passion

After a hiatus exploring other ventures, Stacey’s return to real estate in 2018 was marked by a renewed passion for her career and a deeper appreciation for work-family balance. Her story is a testament to the resilience required in real estate and the rewards of a balanced approach. “I decided to get back into real estate, something that I was passionate about, helping people, offering a service, being authentic,” explains Stacey.

Call to Connect: Reach Out and Engage!

Are you inspired by Stacey Kelley’s journey of balancing family life with a successful real estate career? Contact Stacey directly at (520) 360-7778 to learn more about her unique approach to real estate, or to discuss your property needs in Tucson.

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