NOVA Home Loans is Working Hard to Better Server You and Your Clients

NOVA Home Loans is Working Hard to Better Server You and Your Clients
NOVA Home Loans is Working Hard to Better Server You and Your Clients

Hi, it’s Tom Heath with the Heath Team at Nova Home Loans. Today is February 8th and this is our weekly installment of Mortgage and Real Estate Related Matters. Today’s topic is about internal improvements here at NOVA Home Loans.

Back in November, right around Thanksgiving, I had sent out an email thanking you for your support and letting you know that during these challenging times we were not holding to the same levels of service that we had in the past. At that time, I committed to you an internal effort to improve that and get back to what you can count on, the things that NOVA and the Heath Team have been known for for years and decades, and I’m happy to say that we are moving in that direction very quickly.

We announced early in the year the promotion of Ryan Vondrak, who had been in our secondary market, in navigating us through some very difficult times. He became our Chief Operating Officer and he immediately put into place some impactful changes that we are seeing on the frontlines have an improvement.

Our return times are getting better.. Our response times are getting better. The things within our control are moving back to that level of service that you’ve come to expect from us. Now, we still have challenges with appraisals and other third-party related issues, but the things we can control internally are improving and they are improving rapidly.

So I want to thank you again for your patience as we work through a very, very unique situation and happy to report that the future is very bright and the things that you’ve come to know and love about the Heath Team and Nova Home Loans are back on track. If you ever have any questions, you can always reach us through our website at If you ever want to cover a certain topic, just shoot us an email and we’d be happy to answer that for you in one of our weekly updates. Thanks so much. Have a great week!

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