Hailey Ameigh- Business Development Coordinator

Success in business development requires creativity, organization, personality and the ability to continually balance everyone’s needs. We hit the jackpot when Hailey joined our team.  She wakes up each day, enjoys a cup of coffee, and sets out to meet new people and bring their dreams to life.  If you ask her, she will say her goal is to help our local community grow, and get families into homes they can afford and prosper in.

Hailey studied the fine arts, has a professional photography background and combines her artistic and entrepreneurial instincts to deliver a great experience for the Heath Team.  You will often meet Hailey before anyone else on the team.  She is out at events, fundraisers, local causes and businesses looking to connect with people interested in home ownership.

Her husband recently retired from the Army and Hailey is excited to sit and watch the sunset with him and their pup.   It’s a great break from a busy day of multi-tasking, detail oriented tasks, rushing to set up events, and communicating to potential clients and referral partners.

“I love the people I work with and get to meet. The constant change of my daily tasks keeps me on my toes and excited to come to work every day. After spending time solely as an Army wife and getting to move back home, I feel very blessed to have stumbled upon NOVA and being brought into the family. There is so much opportunity for growth and is dependent on me, which feels very rewarding and pushes me to continually learn, adapt, and hustle.”

We’re pretty darn happy you stumbled on NOVA too!

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